About Us

Alcor Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is located in the city of Pune in Western India. Alcor Infotech is engaged in the design & deployment of Electronic Automated Test Equipment in the Defence as well as Commercial markets and also in the field of Embedded systems based products & solutions.

Our detail oriented approach to design, combined with our focus on high quality & reliability, along with a dedicated and energetic team, offers us an edge over our competitors. Over the years, Alcor Infotech has gained vast expertise in the design and deployment of Mission.

Critical ATEs and ATE related solutions for the Military/ Aerospace as well as the Commercial markets. Our Embedded system based products are used in various industries, including Manufacturing, Automation, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing.

The Alcor Maxim

Exceeding expectations with revolutionary electronic products to transcend the boundaries of the future.

The Alcor Advantage

  • Vast experience in the field of electronic design

  • Customized design to meet versatile client specific requirements

  • Detail oriented approach to ensure high accuracy and mission critical products

  • Indigenous designed high quality products

  • Prompt customer service and support

  • Worldwide shipping and Support

Clients and Partners