You can download the latest versions of the software for all our products on this page.

Please use the correct utility with the correct product line.

All our downloads are "Password Protected" Zip files.

Contact tech support/sales for your Username/Password at

After downloading, unzip the files to your local folder before installing/executing the binaries.

Note: Users of Windows 10 or higher, please right click on the zip file and select 7-zip to unzip the files.

Athena Test System

Install the Latest Athena GUI. Please make sure to install the USB Drivers before plugging in the hardware.

Alcor Modbus Master Simulator

We believe in sharing knowledge and tools with the development community at large, so that the whole ecosystem can benefit and produce better tools and products. Alcor developed this tool for our Modbus product development. 

In the spirit of sharing we have decided to release this tool. We hope developers can focus on their own product rather than "reinventing the wheel".

Product Highlights:

The software can be download and used with limited features for evaluation purposes. User can buy the license for USD 25 per PC.

Please fill the form below to get password/License info

IP Based Temperature and Humidity Monitoring system

G.U.I. for Digital Hour Meter with ModBus

Utility to download data from Hour Meter with RS 485 Modbus

G.U.I. for ModBus to Web Interface

Utility to configure Hour Meter with RS 485 Modbus to Web Interface

G.U.I. for Digital Counter with ModBus

Utility to display data from Digital Counter with RS 485 Modbus

Data Downloader for Production Counter, GSM THM, Hour Meter with USB and Bluetooth

Utility to download data from Production Counter, GSM THM, Hour Meter with USB

Drivers & Support Software

Depending on the product and the operating system, you might need to download other supporting device drivers, frameworks or tools. Please find below links for commonly required tools:

Please install the correct version according to your OS and product version.

Feel free to contact Tech Support at for more information