Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

Alcor Electronics have developed an array of products to cater to the growing market for Temperature and Humidity monitoring and controlling systems. Our major customer base is the IT industry, Pharma companies, storage and logistic industry, Paint shops and Auto manufacturer.

We offer a wide range of products, covering various aspects of a system:

IP Based (Wifi & Wired) Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System

Alcor’s IP based system monitors critical environmental conditions such as temperature & humidity. When a reading goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email or SMS through SMS Gateway.

The System Consists of:

Where Our Device Can Be Used:

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Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System with Modbus

Alcor Temperature and Humidity system monitors critical Industrial, Business and Laboratory environmental conditions. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system can Alert/Control using the built in Relays. Modbus (RTU and ASCII) can be used for remote monitoring and BMS Integration.

The System Consists of:

 THM Model Comparison

Temperature and Humidity Display

The temperature and humidity display is suitable for monitoring and viewing the temp and humidity readings from a distance or in large spaces. It shows the temperature and humidity values only; alerts and data logging is not available.

The System Consists of: