Test Systems for Commercial Application

Test System for Keypad Testing

  • Current Draw Testing

  • Onboard component verification

  • Isolation Testing

  • Testing for LED forward voltage and Reverse leakage current

  • Other Keypad Tests can be integrated

Product Video and Brochure

Introduction to Alcor Keypad Tester

Product Brochure

Test System for Power Supply Testing

  • Input/Output Current and Voltage test

  • Power Efficiency Test

  • Output Voltage Calibration

  • Load Testing at Various Loads

  • Overload Protection test

  • Short Circuit test

  • Power ON Time Test

  • Ability to add customized Tests

Product Video

Introduction to Alcor Power Supply Tester

Product Brochure

Test System for Capacitor Testing

  • Capacitance testing

  • Capacitor Leakage Testing

  • Capacitor Insulation Resistance (IR) Testing

  • Design tests for Capacitor Banks

  • DV/DT ratio testing

  • Tests can be customized to specific requirements

Test System for Relay Testing

  • Automated Test Systems for all kinds of Relays

  • Testing of Relay parameters like Off State Leakage current, Input Current

  • Pickup Voltage and Current

  • Dropout Voltage and Current

  • Customizable

Other Test Systems designed by Alcor

  • Test System for Lithium Battery Testing

  • Test System for Resistor Testing

  • Test System for LED Lamp Testing

  • Test System for PCB Testing