Alcor Management

Sameer Bivalkar Director & C.T.O.

Sameer Bivalkar is a twenty+ year veteran of the Automated Test Equipment arena. Alcor Infotech is his foray into bringing this advance technology to the Indian shores.

Sameer has a MS Electrical Engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, U.S.A specializing in VLSI and Design for test. Sameer joined Teradyne’s Military and Aerospace division in 1999 and has worked on various groundbreaking products and projects.

Over the years Sameer has acquired design skills over a broad spectrum of test technologies, from basic GO-No GO test to advanced tests like Digital Test, Serial Bus Test to Hard drive final QA Test.

Sameer has worked in different work environments and cultures, from Boston U.S.A to Bangkok Thailand, from Mumbai India to Beijing China. Everywhere learning and adapting to deliver value to the customer.

Aditi Bivalkar Managing Director

Aditi Bivalkar brings with her a vast array of finance, sales and management skills to Alcor Infotech.

Aditi has a MBA MIS from Rochester Institute of Technology, U.S.A. Her management experience spans over small teams to large product deployments. As an Oracle Applications expert, she has the unique skill of understanding customer requirements and communicating it precisely to the engineering team.

Aditi has a great grasp of finance and resource management from her previous experience with small start-ups. She has the ability to keep a team focused on small details without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Under her guidance Alcor delivers customer focused solutions in the most efficient and timely manner.