Alcor Digital Meters

  • All meters available in multi-channel and multi voltage configurations.

  • EMI/ EMC filtering using programmable debounce values

  • Compatible with PNP/NPN Proximity Switches, Encoders, Limit Switches, Solid State Devices, Mechanical Switches for input and 230 Vac input.

  • Bluetooth/RS485 Modbus connectivity available on select meters.

  • Microprocessor based with built in memory for data storage

  • Compact design & cost effective

  • Password Protection

  • Standard DIN Size for easy installation and replacement

Alcor Digital Meter Product Catalogue

Digital Hour Meter

Alcor Digital Hour Meter is designed for monitoring the run-hour time of various machines & equipment. It is a versatile meter with various applications ranging from small appliances to heavy-duty commercial uses. Our meter monitors the actual usage of the machine as opposed to the traditional run-hour meters which only monitor the equipment based on the power supply state. The Run-Hour data is stored on the onboard memory and can be retrieved using USB or RS485 Modbus.

The RS485 Modbus (ASCII & R.T.U.) enables remote monitoring and easy integration with a PLC or a BMS system. Alcor provides the remote monitoring software for free and can be downloaded from our website.

The meter data can be used for detection & indication of failures in the equipment and maintenance schedule reminder.

Product Video and Brochure:

Digital Hour Meter with RS485 Modbus

Product Brochure

Alcor Digital Counter

Alcor Digital Counter counts & stores the end-product count and can also be used in various stages of production to detect, record & analyse any discrepancies in the production cycle. This Production Counter can count and store the daily production for up to 30 days. The user can view the data on the front panel or can save the data, on a computer via USB connectivity.

Alcor Digital Counters support RS485 Modbus (ASCII & R.T.U.) and can be used for remote monitoring as well as easy integration with PLC and other Automation systems.

Alcor also provides easy to use software for remote monitoring and can be downloaded for free from our website.

Alcor Digital Counters come in the following configurations:

  • Basic Digital Counter

  • Digital Counter with Bluetooth

  • Digital Counter with RS485 Modbus (ASCII & R.T.U.)

Software Utilities

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Alcor provides software to download the data for USB meters and Remote monitoring software for RS485 Modbus meters.

The software can be downloaded from our website, free of cost.

Technical Specifications

1. Power Supply

  • 24 VDC

  • 110/230 VAC 50/60 Hz

2. Channel Input

  • 24 VDC - PNP/NPN Proximity Switches, Encoders, Limit Switches, Solid State Devices, Mechanical Switches

  • 110/230 Vac channel input

  • 2/4 Opto- Isolated channels for input

3. Control Output

  • 2 Relay Output (Potential Free Contact)

  • Programmable Outputs: High / Low

4. Output Modes

  • Normally Low : Output switches HIGH when the counter reaches to preset value.

  • Normally High : Output switches LOW when the counter reaches to preset value.

5. Keypad

  • 4 Push Button Keys

6. Size

  • 96 mm x 96 mm x 110 mm

  • 96 mm x 96 mm x 65 mm

7. Reset Modes

  • Auto Reset Mode: When preset count/ time is reached and output state is changed, the counter/ timer will automatically reset to 0, and output will go to the default state (user settable – High or Low) after specific time interval (user settable).

  • Manual Reset Mode: When preset count /time is reached and the output state is changed, it keeps counting till the reset button on front panel is pressed manually.

8. Display

  • 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD

  • Display with Backlight

9. Memory Backup

  • Inbuilt EEPROM to store counts

10. Interface

  • RS485 with Modbus ASCII and R.T.U.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity